These codes/images are channeled from your Star Nation, reawakening your soul purpose. They are filled with universal wisdom, a remembering of where you’ve been & why you are here now. Healing past trauma & allowing you to be enlightened & empowered to live authentically. 

If you’re seeing this… YOU are being called!  

Sacred Luna Practice

A program where you can learn to guide your life by the moon’s phases.

Discover how to bring magic into your life with sacred deep soul journeying, allowing you to reach an authentic version of yourself.

Divine Luna Dance

A program, teaching you how to transform your life with dance in a cathartic way to our moon’s phases.

Shed the old stagnant energy, manifest with dance by opening space for the new to come flowing through your body and soul.

Our Magick

Here at The Luna Temple, we are passionate and very grateful assisting others on their path to empowerment. Unveiling what holds you back on a subconscious level, bringing it into your consciousness to be shifted. We specialise in in all aspects of deeply connecting and harnessing our moon’s magic and guiding energy.

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