How I reAwakened my Star Nation Divine Wisdom

My ReAwakening Story

My story is another spontaneous magickal ReAwakening and from listening to many others have had their own unique experience of ReAwkening as well, I thought I’d share mine.

I’ve always been psychic and had a close connection to the spirit realm and been so in love with Our Moon and the Ocean and all this Magick. I’ve had a deep connection yet crazy journey in this aspect of myself my whole life and other lives. This is a story for another time though as this is my story of high vibrational, other world Star Nation ReAwakening. Even with my connection to this realm it was still profound. 

It was latish 2021 and I would heal my baby (kittie pictured above) with Seichim Sekhem Reiki as he was getting older and would often come up and touch my Master healing symbols tattooed on my forearms when he wanted a healing. This day was unlike any other as something purely beautiful happened. As I went to bring down the SSR energy to my Bub Bub a stunningly light and high vibrational multicoloured mist floated down from the universe and through my heart space and into my kittie. Time stopped, my heart slowed down, I was immersed! I cannot in words describe it’s lightness and Divinity…….. and it stirred this deep curiosity within me. It showed me it’s true divinity and wisdom of universal light and love. It took my breath away, with its beauty and very high vibration. It kind of reminded me of Our Moons energy but a much higher vibration and Divine Intelligence. 

Once it had embraced my Bub in its fullness and the transmission was complete, I asked him “ Is this where you come from my little lovey dovey?” He said telepathically “yes mumma, it’s home” as he closed his eyes and bathed in the energy and then fell asleep, purring his cute little kittie face off as I cuddled him close. I was in awe, I knew cats traveled to other dimensions but this was just beyond words the fullness and beauty of it. I feel like I had so many questions and walked around in a daze for the rest of the day.

What this looks like

Later that night I had a kinesiology session (I do this monthly to keep my energy balanced and to trigger deep healing) and I was saying about my experience that day to my good friend Jacqui. Then during my session this misty high vibrational energy came back through my heart space and out of my crown chakra, it was being bounced off our Moon to reach me. Our Moon was the link. It was then that I realised this was just not for my kittie but it was for me too, it’s was our home. 

At first I was confused, was I supposed to heal with it? Explain it, live it, why was I shown this? Fast forward to a few days later and the more I worked with this energy/wisdom the more realisations I had.

Firstly I realised that my baby had shown me home (the Star nation we both come from) I feel like it was one of his final gifts to me before he passed into the Spirit Realm in Mar 22. I want to take this time to acknowledge and honour how my baby kept me alive the whole 16 years and 2 months of his life. He was the reason I was still breathing and didn’t leave Earth prematurely (a story for another time), he was my true soul love in kittie form and I’m forever grateful for his love and support and for his last gift to me. He brought me home and allowed me to send him some final healing in his last few months from home so his passing was peaceful. It broke my heart into pieces but he passed peacefully in my arms where he belonged, my heartbeat the last thing he felt. I’m so blessed he shows me his journey now he is between lives and he is turing into a magnificent light being without form. Remind me to tell that story one time too, as it brings a flood of tears still. 

*sigh, I miss him so much…….. I’m actually sitting on his couch as I write this story. Him resting on his couch and me holding his little paws.

Getting back to my ReAwakening…….. 

Secondly, every time I brought down the energy I had major downloads of Divine Wisdom from my Star Nation. Soon after I started astral travelling through space and time to other Star Nations, not just my own. I was being activated to create Soul Star Codes (images and channeled words from other Star Nations, to activate other Starseeds here on Earth for the New Higher Vibration on Earth) and to assist of the downloading of this very high vibrational Divine Wisdom into Earth so she can raise her vibration.

The Soul Star Codes were interesting as I had no idea how I was going to paint the picture of what I saw and knew. With the gift of astral travel to other dimensions and Star Nations came the gift of digital creation of images……  I am rather technically challenged or so I thought but after I have channeled the images flow through me and then the channeled words come through as well. It is the “code’ or “key” to the portal to unlocking the Divine Wisdom from that Star Nation. The best part is you don’t have to have come from that Star Nation to journey with that Soul Star Code to unlock its Divine Wisdom. In am currently creating an Oracle deck so everyone has access to all of these codes and their Divine Wisdom. 

Some of the Soul Star Codes

Plus I’ve been blessed that the way I channel readings to others now aligns with this Divine Wisdom as well and find them so very fulfilling connecting with so many other Starseeds. By being honoured with the opportunity to bring some clarity and empowerment through from them to them! There are so many beautiful and Divine Light Beings out there, it brings me hope and happiness.

I am also called to guide others to their Star Nations through trance and astral travel. I’ve been called to start holding workshops and write programs again like pre pandemic but from this new way of guiding and assisting others. Powerful ways of guiding and assisting others through their ascensions are coming! 

I feel like I’m close to fully standing into this new vibrational way of life, as more and more of my old vibrational life is leaving (some of it kicking and screaming on the way out), creating space for the new. I just have a few more gaps in knowledge before the knowledge of how my full soul purpose will manifest. The main gaps I’m feeling right now are my Light Language and getting my voice out there is still a bit stuck within its flow. I feel like it will come in when its ready as I have more trauma of being silenced in this/past lives to clear and heal (This has been an ongoing journey of healing for a long time now).

Plus being able to reach more Divine Light Beings to assist and guide in their ReAwakenings and Activations. I’m working on how this will look and feel and feel like it’s a divine timing thing. I’m actively connecting with others like this by telling my journey and seeking out those who feel it’s time to ReAwaken as well. I’m still working on my website to transition from how The Luna Temple used to be pre ReAwakening to how I stand in service now. That too is something I’ve only just revisited the last month and is a work in progress, so please excuse the two ways of assisting others within my transition. Everything on my website and socials is created by me and I’m still learning how to get everything to flow along with the technology aspects. 

During my ReAwakening journey I have discovered my Soul Name, I am Luna Lighhht. This took awhile to come through but everything in its divine timing, again a story for another time on how truely amazing this was and changed everything in my world for the better! 

I have had so many downloads and I’ve got so much Divine Wisdom to share, I’m going to start a YouTube page or a podcast. I’m not sure yet. I love writing so I feel some of this wisdom will come in written form too, just like this post. So keep an eye or ear out!

I’d like to say since my ReAwakening that life has been fantastic, however that’s not how ascensions on earth work as human beings. Since it’s happened, I’ve had to grieve my little baby, hardest thing I’ve had to do in this life and I’ve had a hard life. I’ve had to say goodbye to old out dated versions of myself including relationships and family and all the good karma I’ve earned from those situations. I’m getting there. I’ve also had some amazing steps in the right direction of the new world too! Such as getting married to my spectacular wife and living together in our peaceful house and allowing myself to step back into my business that took a hit from the pandemic that I let cease, whilst I hibernated. I’ve allowed myself to heal from the trauma and learn to step into who I am becoming again.

The greater our desire is to step into the new higher vibrational world, the faster anything we are not longer aligned with falls away. This is why I now realise I decided to come back one last time to Earth to assist with this transition. I’m an ascension guide!

As this is my last time here on Earth, I need to make the most out of it, so we can save her and create a higher vibration for those souls coming in. For many of us its our final gift to Earth before we leave, if we are going home or to another experience to another Star Nation I am not sure yet…. But bring on the adventure once we have gifted Pachamumma her freedom. 

Thank you for those who reached this point….. Perhaps this is your sign to tell your story of your journey of ReAwakening regardless of what part you’re up to! Feel free to in the comments!
Soul journeys don’t have an end point only a beginning……… 

Stay connected Divine Light Beings ✨✨✨

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