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I’m Luna Lighhht the High Priestess from The Luna Temple.

I am a Soul Star Weaver, Psychic, Master SSR Energy & Sound Healer, Master Intuitive Hypno/Psychotherapist & Spiritual/Psychic Mentor.

My soul purpose is guiding others on their own soul purpose journey, one of empowerment & authenticity. Together we discover your unique gifts, how to harness them & knowing yourself intimately.

I offer sessions with an individualistic approach to your soul purpose journey. I offer all sessions via video chat, thankfully this way I can assist & guide others world wide that I’m blessed to connect in with. I believe we are in this journey of being human together & holding space for others on their soul purpose journey is my passion.

Many of the beautiful souls I’ve connected with have said how they feel more aligned within themselves & have had major shedding of the old, ascensions & clear guidance for the future when working with me.

I have based my practice around the Luna Cycles and channeled divine wisdom from Star Nations as this is a powerful way to journey into deep soul practice.

I discovered a few years ago during a journey session of my soul, that I am a Luna High Priestess. I often get asked what is a Luna High Priestess?

High Priestesses in ancient times may have kept the worship and wisdom of the deity alive and in balance, they performed the rituals and held space for others, teaching or guiding others on their relationship and how to deepen it on a personal level. My deep relationship and connection with Our Moon allows me to teach and guide others to form a deep relationship and connection with her as I am now the divine balance of light and darkness, of empowerment and creation, just like our Moon as she cycles through her phases. I’ve been gifted with the knowledge of during her fullness she gifts us with the energy and high mood so we can celebrate our lightness, what is in our consciousness, our strengths and our achievements with gratitude. During her darkness phase, she gifts us with space to be intrinsic creatures so we delve deep into our subconscious mind. Deep in our hearts we seek the truth of what is holding us back and what we truly desire in our life. We can create this and birth it into existence from our womb and heart space as the Moons light grows. 

Ive created two unique and effective practices of guiding others to build a deeper connection with our Moon. Click on them to learn more about them.

Scared Luna Practice & Divine Luna Dance

In my earlier years I worked in the clinical world as a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist. This is where I learnt about duality and its importance. Until this time I understood we needed a balance from my personal practice in Wicca and healing, however working with my patients I gained meaningful insight on how to combine this in a more holistic way outside of the clinical world. Unfortunately for me I found the clinical practice was very limiting for my skills, knowledge and concepts on where I wanted to take this to assist people.

I took the jump and left the clinical world and have not looked back. I now have the freedom to combine my gifts, knowledge and qualifications in ways that keep expanding and growing into powerful ways of achieving authenticity.

I assist people in many different ways, we discuss your needs and desires and work out a personal plan for you. I offer the following services:

I can assist you to uncover your shadow side &  illuminate your brightness. 

Just as the moon cycles into darkness & her fullness…… I am not afraid to dive to your depths with you & uncover what’s been holding you back for so long. I will fly high with you to self discovery & mastery so you can soar into your spotlight! 

Knowing I will hold space for you to discover, process & heal in a safe & professional manner. Now is your time to break free of the past, stop being stuck & discover your brilliance from the depths of your shadows to the highlights of your brightness.

I look forward to connecting with you soon 🙂



The High Priestess From The Luna Temple

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