Ascension Guide

What working with an ascension guide like myself is like.

We are being called to step into the Higher Vibrational New World here on Earth. This is emerging right now and some of us have already shifted into this space. Some of us are ready to ascend fully into this space.

How to know if this is for you?

You know you’re heading towards it because the following has/may have been happening to you: 

✨ You feel that there is more than this lifestyle and seek freedom from this old way of doing things.

✨ You’ve had a lot of situations/people/aspects that were once important leave your world suddenly and sometimes with a bang.

✨ You go between being hopeful and then back to the why is this happening to me again in the last year or so.

✨ Your intuition and gifts are starting to amp up or maybe show themselves for the first time in life or ringing or buzzing in your ears or random vibrations in your body.

✨ You seek more information on the spiritual world.

✨ You know you’re destined for more than this. 

✨ Some of you may have already felt glimpses of the New World and want more. 

✨ You know you’re a starseed or your souls purpose is to be here to raise the vibration of Earth.

✨ You maybe already on your journey and want a bit of guidance or direction.

✨ You’re seeking a connection to like minded people.

Does this sound familiar? 

Then please keep reading…….

What working with me as your ascension guide feels like: 

✨Allowing space and time for someone to guide you on your soul journey to know yourself intimately. 

✨ Empowering, encouraging and stepping into your authenticity and Divinity.

✨ Feels like you’re heard on a soul level and held with compassion and understanding.

✨ Starseed and Star Nation activations and codes.

✨ Understanding and making sense of the confusing parts.

✨ Alignment to to your Divine Light Being self.

✨ Stepping into your Divine Femininity and creating with the ancient magicks of your womb space.

✨ Feeling in align with your physical body in all its power just as it is.

✨ Discovering step by step what is going to work for you and we do it!

✨ Feels like you’ve come home to yourself finally.

✨ Being able to manifest your hearts desires with ease.

✨ Living your best authentic life and choosing what is best for you.

We only work on what it is you desire, you don’t have to go through a generic program, we honour your wisdom and abilities and work on your gaps in knowledge.

The journey is different for everyone but it can look like: 

✨ Tapping into your intuitive abilities and learning how to channel.

✨ Discovering/enhancing your soul purpose and crafts/gifts.

✨ Knowing yourself intimately and building a relationship with yourself.

✨ Release what no longer serves you, with ease and grace.

✨ Nurturing yourself and the Earth.

✨ Building better divine relationships with others.

✨ Calling in your soul family.

✨ Releasing old karma, ties, generational trauma/stories, pain, stories that no longer serve you.

✨ Manifesting unconditional love and your Hearts Desires.

✨ Connection with your higher self, heart space and your Divine Wisdom.

✨ Manifesting for the new world higher vibration and stepping into that space everyday.

✨ Allowing yourself to connect into the collective mindset and space in the higher vibration.

✨ Discovering what your daily spiritual practice looks like.

✨ Working with celestial energies, wisdoms, dimensions etc.

✨ Discover wisdom from our Moon, planets, star nations, astral planes and the spirit realms.

✨ Being abundant in wisdom, health, love, freedom, wealth, success and connection.

Plus so much more. The best part about working with me as your ascension guide is I channel and teach you to channel what you require and between my Divine Wisdom and yours we navigate it together. Not one session is ever the same and the same goes between you and others. It’s always unique to you and the divine timing in which it happens. 

About me: 


I have unlimited access to my higher self (my straseed divine wisdom) and can guide you how to tap into your own divine wisdom and the collective divine wisdom. I’m experienced at holding space and guiding souls on their own individual soul journeys, with a safe, compassionate, understanding and empowering intention. I’ve been an intuitive/psychic/medium my whole life and deeply connected with the astral realms, even as a small child. I’m a clear channel so I can connect in with your gifts to assist you on how that looks and feels for you. When I connect in I’m connecting to your higher self, your souls divine wisdom from all experiences and knowledge from all planets and your Akashic records. Plus your heart space so your desires and humanity as we are working with this life and experience at this time. 


My background started in hairdressing at 16 where I learnt to connect with people on a personal level, developing trust and making them feel amazing with great hair. This assisted me with having a vision and then creating that, I’m a very creative person and am so happy when I utilise this aspect of myself.

I then moved into Psychology after a decade of study as a Positive Psychotherapist and Master Hypnotherapist, which I have been working with people to unlock their old neurological pathways and create new ones, heal from trauma, know themselves intimately and create a new mindset and balanced emotional aspects. This allowed me to allow my curiosity and compassionate self to emerge by holding space for others during hard times. I also lecture psychology and counselling skills at a college and enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience to emerging natural health practitioners.

During this time I then started on my healing modality journey and am now a Master SSR healer, I also utilise sound, energy, light, colour and crystal therapies, which now allow me to guide and allow healing and understanding on all levels (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical).  Finally the last few years I ReAwakened and ReRemembered my Star Soul Divine Wisdom. My intuition and connection to the collective consciousness has amped up and I have merged with it completely.

All this knowledge, experiences, Divine Wisdom and lessons has allowed me to fulfil my soul purpose as an Ascension Guide. In a spiritual capacity for the last decade I’ve worked with people 1 on 1, in groups, at expos, online and in person. My journey to get here has not been an easy one but I’m loving that along the way Ive been blessed to assist so many on their soul journeys. 

If you feel called to connect with me to assist you on your souls journey, connect and lets see how that will feel and look for you. 

There are currently 3 ways to work with me

✨ 1 on 1 sessions in person or online.

✨ Group workshops both in person and online.

✨ Through my online courses.

I’m located in the Redlands area in QLD and am available in person or via video call if you are not located close by.

 (Womxn only, LGBTQIA safe space) 

Please fill out this form if you are interested in High Vibrational Soul Guidance sessions with me as your Ascension Guide. Sessions start from $333 AUD and if you chose to work with me in an ongoing capacity, we come up with a package of sessions just for you.

Or if you’d like you can see the list of the Soul Services I provide here:

I look forward to connecting with you soon,


Luna Lighhht 🌕✨

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