Divine Luna Dance

Does your soul desire to to set free?

Do you easily get so moved by music you’ll be in public and dance a little?

Do you feel so deeply that you desire to explore that in a safe yet deep manner?

Do you love to dance and feel the freedom it creates in your body?

Are you fascinated by our moon and her magick and mystery?

Do you desire a deeper connection with the cycles and phases of our moon?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Divine Luna Dance is for you!

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What is Divine Luna Dance?

Divine Luna Dance is a concept I channeled one day. Ive always loved dancing and feel so deeply when I hear particular music or songs. Ive always searched for new ways to celebrate the new and full moons and love to dance out under the full moon, on the beach having only the waves for company.

Dance is a vital part of all ancient civilisations, it’s sacred, soul emerging. Many utilised dance to manifest their heats desires into life and to tell important stories. There is many modern versions of dance and creating our hearts desires and connecting deeply with our souls. I was once a clinical Psychologist and different types of therapy interested me, one day I came about movement therapy and the light bulb went on in my heart 💡

This is how Divine Luna Dance was created, from the love and deep connection with our Moon as I’m a Luna High Priestess and my interest in movement as a therapy. Personally Ive been practicing Divine Luna Dance for many years, I am now in 2021 called to release this concept to the world for all to enjoy.

How Divine Luna Dance Works:

Divine Luna Dance is where we dance and connect our session to the undertone of the moon’s phases. This gives us an opportunity to release old stagnant energy in our bodies, mind, hearts and spirit/aura. Then a powerful way to open up space in our bodies so we can manifest our hearts desires. Some sessions its a real cathartic release, others its upbeat and joyful. That’s what I love about it, it changes with the undertones of our moon and what is underling in our bodies and minds at the time.

If you’d like to learn how Divine Luna Dance will deepen your connection to our moon, to knowing yourself intimately and finding divine alignment on a soul level, then check out the program below.

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