Ascension Guidance Session 2hrs




High Vibrational Soul Ascension Guidance Session 

Are you ready to tap into your Divine Wisdom, your Soul’s Purpose, but don’t know really where to start or you feel stuck in someway? Then these sessions are for you! Every guidance session is unique, I’m guided by your higher self on which aspects and magicks of yourself you need to ReRemember. You may already know what you’d like to work on to enhance and download easily.


We only work on what it is you desire, you don’t have to go through a generic program, we honour your wisdom and abilities and work on your gaps in knowledge.

The journey is different for everyone but it can look like: 

✨ Tapping into your intuitive abilities and learning how to channel.

✨ Discovering/enhancing your soul purpose and crafts/gifts.

✨ Knowing yourself intimately and building a relationship with yourself.

✨ Release what no longer serves you, with ease and grace.

✨ Nurturing yourself and the Earth.

✨ Building better divine relationships with others.

✨ Calling in your soul family.

✨ Releasing old karma, ties, generational trauma/stories, pain, stories that no longer serve you.

✨ Manifesting unconditional love and your Hearts Desires.

✨ Connection with your higher self, heart space and your Divine Wisdom.

✨ Manifesting for the new world higher vibration and stepping into that space everyday.

✨ Allowing yourself to connect into the collective mindset and space in the higher vibration.

✨ Discovering what your daily spiritual practice looks like.

✨ Working with celestial energies, wisdoms, dimensions etc.

✨ Discover wisdom from our Moon, planets, star nations, astral planes and the spirit realms.

✨ Being abundant in wisdom, health, love, freedom, wealth, success and connection.

Plus so much more. The best part about working with me as your ascension guide is I channel and teach you to channel what you require and between my Divine Wisdom and yours we navigate it together. Not one session is ever the same and the same goes between you and others. It’s always unique to you and the divine timing in which it happens. 


This is a virtual session via video chat and I will reach out to you once paid to book in a suitable day and time.


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