Custom Soul Star Code (Colour print + digital copy)



These codes/images are channeled from your Star Nation, reawakening your soul purpose. They are filled with universal wisdom, a remembering of where you’ve been & why you are here now. Healing past trauma & allowing you to be enlightened & empowered to live authentically.

The world is reawakening & requires your universal wisdom & energy to assist it to vibrate at a higher level than ever before.

If you’re seeing this… YOU are being called!

You receive a digital copy of your custom code with a page of channeled information, explaining what wisdom has come through with the image & your souls purpose at this time.

You also receive information on how to ACTIVATE & journey with your Soul Star Code. The code is yours to utilise however you feel called too.

With this option you also receive a physical printed colour 14cmx14cm card copy of your Soul Star Code on one side and the channeled info on the other. Please see the other photos to see what they look like.

Please note that your custom Soul Star Code will be emailed or text to you and requires 5 business days to be completed as these are created and channeled just for you which takes time and care to be accurate. The printed version will take longer than that to be created then printed and sent to your home.


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